Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Simplest of Acts And Other Stories by Melanie Haney

Title: The Simplest of Acts And Other Stories
Author: Melanie Haney
ISBN: 978055703590
Pages: 101/2008

Melanie asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her book of short stories. When I said yes, she was kind enough to send me the book. I am very glad I read it.

It is a thin book and there are eleven short stories. Reading those were were a revelation in itself. With fine prose and delicate use of imagery, Melanie captures the essence of story writing. The stories are insights into human failings and frailities. She has enhanced for us the necessity of human understanding by way of small gestures.

She has tackled with love, loss and those small moments which somehow act as catharsis in our lives. And she has done it with very finely and delicately. No where you feel she is preaching. She makes us connect to her stories instantly.

Along with the title story, I especially liked Milk, in which a mother finally realises the importance of letting go. I needed to assimilate the stories before I set down to review it. A must read and it is for keeps. I am not letting go of my copy anywhere.