Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long After Midnight by Iris Johansen

Title: Long After Midnight
Author: Iris Johansen
ISBN: 0553571818
Publisher: Bantam Books/1997
Pages: 430

I had picked this book a long time ago. And had not got around reading it as I thought it was a romance like other Johansen novels I had read, although the back cover had nothing of that sort. Recently I was sorting through my books to give away a lot to the old age home. I don't know what made me pause and pick it up to read yesterday.

Kate is a doctor who is really into researching genetic engineering. She has a nine-year old son, Joshua, who is the core of her existence. Noah Smith, another genius in the same field wants her to join forces with him. To test run something called RU2, which can save people suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS as it has ability to repair the degenerated cells. Even before she can make up her mind to join him, her ex-husband, a police officer is killed in a car explosion. It becomes apparent that she and her son were the main target.

Noah Smith's research centre had being bombed and he had been presumed to be dead. But he is alive and warns Kate about the danger on her life. She does not believe him until she is confronted by a psychopath killer, Ishmaru. Thats when Noah gets Seth, a friend of his to watch over Joshua and her mother-in law, Phyliss. They do develop RU2 but something happens that can completely stall it. The pharmaceutical giants don't want it to come out to save their big bucks.

With desperate people after her, Kate has to save her own skin along with Joshua's. And also she has secret which must not come out.

With a psychopath killer stalking Kate at every point, Seth being there to protect her, Joshua being her main concern, Kate still wants RU2 to come through. She knows it can save millions of people. She is very scared but she has to go one and push it forward.

The novel is fast paced, with a nail-biting edge. I am glad I finally read it.