Thursday, July 3, 2008

Booking Through Holidays

What are you reading?
Anything special? Any particularly juicy summer reading?

I live in India and teach in a school in Delhi. Our summer vacations just got over. I read a lot of books in the past two summer months. I finished 29 books. A mixed bunch. As I read most genres, it does not matter what I read. However, it need not be vacations for me to read. I can do that any time, any place, any genre. I do not stick to any particular author or issue or topic. I need constant stimulation of my mind and that is only possible with varied reading. For me every book is special...

However, Tangled in Wisteria needs a special mention. A short book of poetry written by J. Andrew Lockhart, a poet who blogs. Do check his blog. You will not be disappointed, believe me! And if you do visit, please leave your footprints there!

This book contains senryu, haiku and tankas on a varied issues. A good read. You can read the review of his book here.