Sunday, July 6, 2008

ADMIT ONE by Emmett James

Title: ADMIT ONE: A Journey into Film
Author: Emmett James
ISBN: 9781587369131
Publisher: Fizzypop Productions/2007
Pages: 197
Genre: Memoir/Travel...Non-fition

I received a signed copy from Emmett James via Lisa Roe of publicist fame. It is pegged as memoir/travel.

Initially I thought I am not going to like this very much. I changed my mind after a few pages. It is set in the 1980s in South London. The authour speaks how he escaped the daily drudgery of life by going to cinema. It started with his parents taking him to the movie theatre. With keen insight and humour, he raves about films and their impact on our lives.

He leaves England for Hollywood to realise his dreams about becoming an actor. He has many adventures on his way. He even stars in pornographic films. And finally lands up a role in the Titanic. He never loses his wit or his power of keen observation. We get some good insight about the world of film and the film industry. It made a light and fun read!