Sunday, May 4, 2008

Did I expect Angels? by Kathryn Maughan

Title: Did I Expect Angels?

Author: Kathryn Maughan
ISBN: 9780595402595
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc/2007
Pages: 168

I won this book from Trish in a book draw. I had liked her review and wished to read this and voila! I won it!

It is a story about Jennifer Huffaker and Henry, an elderly immigrant with a funny of speaking....two people with diverse lives. Each story is told in alternate chapters, drawing parallels about their lives.

Jennifer has lost her husband in an accident 18 months back. She has a four years old daughter. She still has not come into terms with her loss. Coping up in a daily basis is a chore for her. Finally one day, a day after second christmas without her husband, she makes mind to end it all. Thats when Henry decides to tell her his story. He has gone through much and lost a lot and still has hope and lives for his children.

Jennifer listens to him half-heartedly in the beginning. She is lost in own thoughts while he is telling her his story of love and loss. Afterwords, she can see the similarity and basic truth that we are all same despite undergoing different experiences. Grief is normal. However, one has to let it go for the living who love us and depend on us. Henry too comes in terms with his own loss by telling his story. He again sees the purpose of being alive and helps Jennifer come into terms with her own loss. Thats what he tries to tell Jennifer. To recognise her angel and live for that.

The interwoven relationship between Jennifer with her mother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law and daughter makes the story move forward in a lucid manner. What made most impact is the fact that at the brink of letting go, human connection plays a major role. It is what helps us to heal, to rethink and come in terms with our lives. For a first time author, this is a good offering.