Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Black Island: The Adventures of Tintin by Herge

Today I got around reading The Black Island: The Adventures of Tintin written by Herge. I think I finished the whole series in my high school days and now I have forgotten the stories. It was a pleasure to go through one of my collections. I just picked this out randomly.

The Black Island is the seventh book in the series and the only one to be published in three major editions, in 1937, 1943 and 1966. With additions and deletions. Mine is a Magnet published, 1984 reprint of the 1966 edition which was translated into English and was published by Methuen.

Tintin is walking with Snowy in the countryside when he sees a sees a small plane make an emergency landing in a field. When he offers help to the pilot, he is shot at and lands up in a hospital. When the detectives tell him about a similar plane crash in Sussex, he gets away from the hospital to go there and is arrested in the train for robbery and mugging by Thomson and Thompson. He escapes from there and after much chasing finally follows the trail of counterfeit money to Scotland. Tintin is much intrigued about The Black Island after he hears from the natives that a monster lives on the island and those who travel there, never come back. But Tintin has to go there. He meets the good old villianish Dr. Müller and his cronie, Ivan. Also meets the deadly Gorilla, Ranko.

As usual after much fight, Tintin overcomes the enemies and all is well again. Ranko is sent to a zoo.

Snowy is shown to be a glutton here who is after bones, then he drinks Loch Lomond whisky! All the while being very loyal to Tintin and saves his life from the fire when the doctor's house is gutted.

It might not be the best but sure is one of the funniest Tintin adventures. I loved re-reading it.