Monday, July 21, 2008

Shelf Monkey by Corey Redekop

Title: Shelf Monkey
Author: Corey Redekop
ISBN-13: 9781550227666
ISBN-10: 1550227661
Publisher: ECW Press, Canada
Pages: 258

As I mentioned last sunday, this is one book not to be missed by a book lover. One you start it, you have to finish it. Very riveting. This book is a bibliophile's paradise. Need I say more?

Thomas Friesen lands up a job at READ, a hypermegabookstore. It seems like paradise to him. What more does a shelf monkey want? A working place that he loves! But every paradise has a serpent. In the form of Munroe Purvis, a talk show host, who is recommending books which are trash. But the shelf monkeys can't accept that and they hatch a plan to stop all this. This is where book lover takes a different meaning. Thomas wonders if it all worth it for books.

Redekop writes in a witty and humorous manner. Although light hearted, it has underlying irony and seriousness. All of us know that trash sells and good books seldom are read by any. One has to hunt for those. Corey has covered that aspect rather well. The prose is good and engrossing. I could relate with the madness of the characters. Many a times I have felt like thrashing a bad writer and burning trash!

The shelf monkeys are weird but very lovable. One instantly gels with them.Go for it, folks! A book lover's must read!

Now to answer a few questions as per Weekly Geeks #12:

Suey asked me:
"How did you come across it? What brought it to your attention?"

I won it in a survey for The Canadian Challenge survey on John Mutford's blog. Corey Sent it me. I was mighty glad to receive it as there is a dearth of Canadian literature in India.

Andi asked:
what did you list best about it? What didn't work, if anything?

It enlists a great number of books. It has wit, humour and seriousness all at the same time. Foremost, it has a great title. As a novel, it wholly worked for me. However, I think it could have had a better cover design.

seachanges asks:
how long did it take you to read it? what did you like about it (style, story, character depiction.....)?

It took me around three hours for me to read it fully. I liked it for what it is, a book about book lovers, books and weird characters. The story is close to our heart. Any book lover's heart.

Book Zombie asks:
I would like to know what part of the book did you enjoy most? While reading this did you laugh out loud or giggle quietly during any parts? And are you looking forward to reading more books by Redekop?

I especially liked the second half of the book. The style of writing by emails is a good one and very original. Yes, I did laugh out loud at times. And I do look forward to read more books by Corey Redekop.

Chris asks:
So why is Shelf Monkey so entertaining?

Because we can relate to it. The happiness on finding a coveted book and frustration of not finding one! Ultimate despair is when you see trash selling like hot cakes.