Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekly Geeks: Childhood memories

Being a part of the geeks feels good. Although I did a wrap post last week, I forgot to post the link for
Dewey to update it. Not that it matters. The theme of the weekly Geeks #3 is to write about our fond memories of childhood books. Why we liked any particular book? We can list our favourite childhood books or we can review any of those. Cool!

I started to read novels, yes those children's novel, when I was 6-7 years old. My dad got me a Noddy book and I was hooked to Enid Blyton for a long time. I do not even remember looking at any picture books. I have read many children's magazines though. My dad had subscribes a few for us. Having older brothers too helped as I used to pick their books and read. I loved listening to the Panchatantra tales (pertaining to Hindu Mythology) from my dad before I got around reading those.

I loved Enid Mary Blyton (August 11, 1897November 28, 1968) books. I think I have devoured all her books. Initially I started with Noddy series, slowly graduating to the Wishing chair ones. Starting from Secret Seven (15 Novels), The Five Find-Outers and their dog (15 Novels) were great series along with the Famous Five (21 Novels). St. Clare's (6 novels) and Mallory Towers (6 books) are about boarding schools and reading those I longed to be in one. There are many other books which stand alone, not being part of any series. I think, I read all. And I have many of these books in my collection even now. My nieces have read through the various series and now I am trying to make my nephew go through the books. Enid Blyton books are still very popular in India although a few of her books have been called racist. However, reading those I have not felt that way. In the present times, we try to be politically correct. And that makes certain books improper.

Apart from these, I loved Nancy Drew series along with Hardy Boys. I got most of the original versions, too in my collection. However, I do plan to donate the whole lot, to a library soon. I also have a good many numbers of Archie Comics. Here, I would rather not mention Asterix and Tintin series. Those are mostly for Young Adults(YA).

Even now I read through my nephew's Highlights. I love the creative page in this very educative Children's Magazine!!

This post has made me long to re-read all my Enid Blyton books. I might just do so!