Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Snapshot: More sarees, more stories

I have not done a saree post for sometime now. So today's post is a long one. Bear with me!!!


When one is on her feet for the whole day, the mind stops working after a while because of sheer tiredness. When you try to rest, the body is inert but the mind is jumping all over. Such a vicious cycle.

break it or
wrap it around you
the choice is yours
myriad moods, 
a few unchartered 
yet symbolic 

I chose to forge ahead
rest be sent to sleep

What better way to get around it? By draping a mustard yellow handloom cotton saree with a purple handloom blouse, both from Nalli. Saree was gifted to my mom by my youngest SIL. Now mine. Un-starched. Soft. Body hugging. Blouse is newly tailored. 

Accessorized with Silver danglers from Fab India.What more do I need?


We all have something in our wardrobe which never sees the light of the day. It is a fact that I have many sarees that I have forgotten all about. And suddenly they merge out of the closet. How and why? Because the sarees have decided that they have to worn on that particular day. 

This saree of mine was a gift from my eldest SIL, Sujata Tripathy many years back. It is cotton silk handloom and looks like ikat to me. The purists will tell me more. It is half and half. Seems it has a double pallu. Very unusual. Double shaded with green and brown with a beautiful sheen. I loved it when I got it. I loved it when I draped it today with a brown embroidered khadi blouse. (BTW, I have lost weight and the blouse is loose). 


I and mom decided to go to a Weavers Exhibition in Aga Khan Hall, near Mandi house. I ended up buying more stuff than I wanted.I bought a Kanjeevaram,an Uppada, a Dhakai Jamdaani, an Indigo Chanderi and a bamboo saree. I also bought a few kantha blouses. I would have bought more but mom said I ought leave something for Dussehra/Diwali shopping!!

My mom is very knowledgeable about handloom weaves. She can recognize easily the difference between handloom and powerloom products. I wasn't aware of that! 

I am draping a greyish-mustardish Kargil saree and mom is draping a Passapali. Both new and without fall. I paired with a red Ikat blouse. My mom is draping a Sambalpuri Cotton. 


I don't recall anything about this saree except for that it was gifted by someone. It is from Maharashtra. A black cotton saree with brown checks. The border is bright and look like Silk. It seems to be a handloom as it has those tiny holes and imperfections but I am not sure. I draped it with an off white blouse with golden border on the sleeves. Next time I plan to wear a Kalamkari blouse with it.


It was some 20 years back. I was gifted an orange Organdie saree with shadow work. I loved that saree even though it had a mind of its own. It did not hug my body and stayed away as much it could. 

One day I set my mind to embroider a saree just like that. Bought the material in pinkish purple along with the embroidery threads and made my younger brother sketch the design on the raw saree. I was all set to do heavy thread work. I did the border, the anchal and lost interest half way through. I forced myself to do the coloured motifs so as to make the saree wearable. I even stitched an Sambalpuri Ikat blouse for it. I draped that saree many many times. One fine day, I told my mom to give it away. That was 10 years ago.

Recently, I was looking out for sarees to drape for the pact and mom gave this back to me. She hadn't given it away as she remembered how I had worked hard for it. I fell in love with it again. 

I draped it with a newly stitched Sambalpuri Ikat blouse, coincidentally the same shade as before. I accessorized it with an Amethyst necklace bought from some Emporium. 


I had bought this very light lemon cotton saree with Luknowi shadow work, for my mom some 12 years back. She draped it only once, and gave it back to me. I have draped it on and off. With a different blouse each time.

There is a story behind this saree but that is for my mom to tell, so I will leave it for now.....


A repeat for the pact but totally new in school. I bought this block printed Kalamkari from Nalli. Paired it with a handloom blouse from Andhra Emporium. My accessories are my usual platinum studs/earrings from Tanishq and Silver bangles from Cottage Emporium.

I was also wearing stone studded anklets but those were not visible to anyone.


Garden Vareli orange/rust chiffon with a embroidered Khadi blouse. 


Sandra Nachlinger said...

Beautiful sarees -- each one unique! My favorite is the mustard and purple combination, but I love them all.
My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Wonderful sarees...and stories. The poem is also lovely. Thanks for sharing. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

westmetromommy said...

Oooh, I really like the green saree!

bermudaonion said...

The orange one is my favorite!

Brona said...

The mustard and purple ensemble is so glamorous, but I do love the pretty pink one on you - so delicate and feminine.

tamannacapitalsone said...

Lovely Odisha Handloom Sarees.