Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday 56: Secret Nights by Anita Mills

With an effort, Patrick walked back to the hired coach and thrust the puppy inside. Then, catching the door frame, he pulled himself up after. "You, my miserable little whelp, are a sad case indeed," he told the cowering creature. "But I think I know someone who will doubtless welcome you."

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This novel is set in decadent Regency England. Elise Rand is the only child of a very wealthy merchant, Bart Rand. Patrick Hamilton is a rich and ambitious merchant. When Bart Rand is accused of murdering a prostitute, Elise goes to Patrick to defend her father. Patrick refuses to do that but agrees on one condition that she will give herself to him. Elise agrees to it.

However, there is more to it. Elise is a reformist. She is not above helping poor girls who have been forced to sell their bodies. She goes out of her way to get medical help for them. She is not from the nobility but she can stand on her own. She believes her father to be innocent although he refuses to reveal the truth. Patrick is not convinced of Bart's innocence. Yet he agrees to fight the case. 

In the midst of the case, we find out that many other prostitutes too have been murdered. Now who is the culprit? The novel keeps the suspense alive till the end. This novel is more like victorian suspense then a romance and that suits me fine!


Lisa Ks Book Reviews said...

I would welcome the pup for sure!

Katherine P said...

I like the excerpt and I love the idea of a Victorian romantic suspense. This sounds like a great book!

Sandra Nachlinger said...

You've got to like a character who rescues a puppy! This sounds like a delightful story that I'd enjoy.
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Tea said...

I think she is out on the street. It's good he found her.

fredamans said...

Poor puppy. At least someone came to the rescue!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer the Victorian suspense so I'll have to looks for this one!