Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Silver Threads by Jade Kennedy

I had a dream last night  
that I stood in a field of pure white wheat 
and it swayed and bowed to the will of the wind. 
The sky grew angry and started to cry. 
The wheat wilted and rotted away. 
Underneath the wheat 
crows had been hiding 
and now hundreds of them 
spread their wings and took to the sky, 
turning day to night. 

~from The Crow, Silver Threads by Jade Kennedy

Title: Silver Threads
Author: Jade Kennedy
Genre: Poetry
ASIN: B0088GV99Y
Publisher: Valley Press/2012
Pages: 34

Poetry emcompasses ideas, feelings and thoughts. It can be concrete or abstract. Poetry says so much in so little. I am a poet so I understand the poetic mind. It can speak of something and then unexpectedly, for the reader, take an about turn. There are no absolutes. 

In this thin book of poetry, Jade Kennedy has made mesmerising use of the English language. She takes us into a higher plane. The poems are a mix of dark, spirituality, dreamy and yet rational. Her words show rich imagination, and a realm beyond the concrete. We can feel the serenity yet also the pensive nature. When poetry makes us contemplate, that means the poet has achieved her/his goal.

Jade Kennedy has made great use of nature and her imagery is wonderful. I recommend it for all poetry lovers. And for those who are scared by poetry, try reading this. A thin volume, worth picking up and cherishing....


Yvonne said...

Another good one...very nice passage.

Anonymous said...

Well that was very cryptic! Great teaser. Here is my TT http://cynthiastacey.com/2014/05/20/teaser-tuesday-may-20/

fredamans said...

Beautiful prose!