Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon: Hour 4 and my start point!!

This is NOT good. It is hour 4 and I have not started reading as yet. Not my fault. Of all day, today I had to go out for various reason. I just couldn't avoid that. But as they say, better late than never. So here I am starting NOW.

And read what? I will read a novel based on one of our Epics. The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 1: Govinda by Krishna Udayasankar


Aryavarta - the ancient realm of the noble.

For generations, the Firstborn dynasty of scholar-sages, descendants of Vasishta Varuni and protectors of the Divine Order on earth, has dominated here. For just as long, the Angirasa family of Firewrights, weapon-makers to the kings and master inventors, has defied them. In the aftermath of the centuries-long conflict between the two orders, the once-united empire of Aryavarta lies splintered, a shadow of its former glorious self.

Now, the last Secret Keeper of the Firewrights is dead, killed by a violent hand, and the battle for supreme power in the empire is about to begin.

As mighty powers hurtle towards a bloody conflict, Govinda Shauri, cowherd-turned-prince and now Commander of the armies of Dwaraka, must use all his cunning to counter deception and treachery if he is to protect his people and those whom he loves.
But who holds the key to the fantastic and startling knowledge of the Firewrights, which in the wrong hands will bring doom upon the empire? And does Govinda have it in him to confront the dark secrets of his past and discover the true meaning of being Arya, of being noble?


Kim said...

I didn't start reading on time either! I keep reminding myself this is not a race and is supposed to be fun. :) Have a great time with your book.