Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back From The Dead by Peter Leonard

“We’re going to surprise them,” Harry said. “And if they’ve done anything to Colette, you’re the first one I’m going to shoot. Believe that if you believe anything. Take off your coat, throw it over here and turn around.” He did and Harry checked the two outside pockets of the jacket, found a parking receipt, and a pair of handcuffs. There was also a piece of notepaper that had an address on Crooks Road in Troy and a phone number. “This where they have Colette?”

Title: Back From The Dead\
Author: Peter Leonard
ISBN: (P) 978-1-61188-063-2 (E) 978-1-61188-064-9
Publisher: The Story Plant/2013
Pages: 282
Genre: Suspense

Back from the Dead is sequel to Voices of the Dead. Harry Levin, a holocaust survivor and Ernst Hess, a Nazi death angel again come to confrontation. Hess has supposedly been killed by Levin in Voices of the Dead but wakes up to a hospital bed. He knows he has to find Levin and kill him. 

Levin can't believe that Hess is alive but he cannot ignore all the signs that point him that way. He knows he has to stop Hess from killing more Jews and for that he has to travel all over the world to kill Hess, again.

Leonard does not disappoint. He takes us into a action packed roller coaster ride. With touch and go suspense, this novel is as good as Voices of the Dead. With a conclusion which is deeply satisfying. I look forward to read more from Peter Leonard. 


CMash said...

Once again, we have the same thoughts on a book. It definitely was a page turning read. So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your review.

Anonymous said...

I feel like you are back from the dead! I need more Gautami reviews!