Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Salon: March 2011 Wrap Up

Maybe I shouldn't do this post! I am repeating myself like an old record. I am reading way too less. I read 4 books in Jan, none in Feb and 2 in March! And by this time, I should have read at least 30 books!! 6 is way too low! At this rate, I will not even read 50 books, let alone 100!

Well, I might as well do a March Wrap up. I read the following two books. Do check out the reviews by clicking on the titles.

1) Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek
2) Out At Night by Susan Arnout Smith

I downloaded some free e-books from Amazon. I don't have a kindle but I downloaded a Kindle for PC from their site. I have already read two of those e-books, and on my third. It is not easy reading books on the computer but I thought I ought to give it a try if I am to get a e-reader at any time.


Alyce said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, there are times in our lives when we're just not going to read as much. I didn't read anything for two years after graduating from college because of burn out.

E-readers are definitely easier to read from than the computer, so I hope you're able to get one soon!

Nise' said...

I find it hard to read on the computer as well. I can listen to audio books.

Julie Goucher said...

Likewise, I find that I am reading less. It is simply that I am spreading myself a bit thin and by the time I get to bed I am too shattered to read!

I expect that I shall read more over the Easter break, but it is not the amount of books read, but the message the contents leave with us.

fredamans said...

I also have the kindle for pc. It's not too bad. Though if you don't like reading that way I wouldn't get a handheld one.
Happy April reading!

Unknown said...

We all go through reading slumps. No worries, it'll turn around for you. Maybe with Spring on its way, the longer days & warmer weather, you'll feel more like reading.

You downloaded a lot of e-books, hopefully you'll click with some of them!
Hang in there!

Bookventures said...

Sorry to hear about your reading woes but I totally understand. My pace has slowed down significantly as well but i hope to get back to my reading levels set in 2010 and I know that you will get there too. Just be patient and it will all come back to you. : )

Yvonne said...

I hope you enjoy Kindle for PC. I love my ereader, but it would be hard for me to read on the computer. I downloaded all those freebies for my Nook, too. Enjoy!