Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Plain Pursuit by Beth Wiseman

Title: Plain Pursuit
Author: Beth Wiseman
ISBN: 9781595547194
Publisher: Thomas Nelson/2009
Pages: 336

Carley Marek has a lot of personal issues to deal with. Her boss sends on her forced vacation and she finds herself visiting her friend Lillian, who lives in a farm in a Amish country. Lillian has found love there and has given up old ways and embraced Amish faith fully and is at peace with herself. Carley too wishes for the same kind of peace for herself. She also wants to write about the Amish way of living.

David, Lillian's step son is taken for sick and only man can save him. That man is Noah,who has been shunned from the community, including his own family. Samuel, David's father is not keen to accept Noah's help but Carley knows that there is no other way. Noah too has many demons but he can't simply let David dies and can go to any length to save the boy.

Carley is confused by all this and yet is there for everyone, standing in for anyone who needs her. Including Noah. She is drawn into the midst of their faith, its effect on people. Noah, Samuel and their families have to deal with their griefs, and are in a dillemma about how to care for their own even if he is shunned. Carley knows she has found love in Noah but she doesn't wish to tie him down.

I especially liked the character of Noah. He knows that his calling is healing people and he will do that, no matter how it affects him personally. He misses his family, mostly Samuel, with whom he had a good bonding. His family have written occasional letters to him. Only Samuel is the rigid one who has made no effort to contact his brother. Even when his son, David is sick, Samuel does not want anyting to do with Noah. However, he does get over his dilemma and we see both the brothers make an effort to bond again. Other family members do rally around.

It is book about faith, healing, forgiveness and unexpected blessings. The characters are very real and we can feel their pain as well as pleasure. I also learnt much about Amish people, their faith and beliefs. Thanks to Thomas Nelson for my copy.


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I have never been able to get into Amish fiction.

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jlshall said...

Interesting review. It's hard for me to imagine embracing the Amish way of life, but it sounds like an intriguing book.

Here's my teaser.

tweezle said...

I really liked this book, and I, like you, adored Noah. He stole my heart!

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Natalie W said...

Love books like this. I'll have to add it to my wish list!g