Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday: Wondrous Words/A-Z Wednesday


Wondrous Word Wednesday is hosted by Kathy of BermudaOnion

This week I take words from Prince Rupert's Teardrops by Lisa Glass

1). Empyrean (page 13): like pagan under the silver sky that arcs above him - a summons to the empyrean


    1. The highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure fire or light.
    2. The abode of God and the angels; paradise.
  1. The sky.

Of or relating to the empyrean of ancient belief.

2). Encopresis (page 151): ...and sent her running: attacks of laxity, of encopresis.

Encopresis is defined as repeated involuntary defecation somewhere other than a toilet by a child age four or older that continues for at least one month.


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Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell


Meet Peter Brown, a young Manhattan emergency room doctor with an unusual past that is just about to catch up with him. His morning begins with the quick disarming of a would-be mugger, followed by a steamy elevator encounter with a sexy young pharmaceutical rep, topped off by a visit with a new patient - and from there Peter's day is going to get a whole lot worse and a whole lot weirder. Because that patient knows Peter from his other life, when he had a different name and a very different job. The only reason he's a doctor now is thanks to the Witness Protection Program-and even they can't protect him from the long reach of the New Jersey mob. Now he's got to do whatever it takes to keep his patient alive so he can buy some time...and beat the reaper


Rebecca Johnson said...

ooh your B book sounds good

Book Dragon said...

wow, what a cover. Book sounds good too. Here's mine (It's my first!

bermudaonion said...

I didn't know either of your words, but frankly, I'm glad I didn't know encopresis. Yikes! Thanks for participating.

Beth F said...

I have heard so many good things about Beat the Reaper. I really need to read it.

Zia said...

Beat the Reaper sounds like a good read.

BurtonReview said...

Those woundrous words were interesting!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I loved this book! I also listened to the author speak, and he was as humorous and charming as his book!

Anonymous said...

I've seen so many books on the A-Z meme that I'd love to read, this one included!

It sounds like really good!

Thanks for joining A-Z Wednesday!!

ds said...

Like bermudaonion, I'm glad I hadn't heard of encopresis; but I'm not sure to forget it! Thanks (I think...)

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

Great new words there. I like the way empyrean sounds.

Staci said...

Your B book sounds fantastic!! Encopresis---gross!!!

Lisa notes... said...

Yikes--didn't know either of your words.

Bryan R. Terry said...

Mine is here: