Sunday, March 15, 2009

When We Meet Again by Victoria Alexander

Title: When We Meet Again
Author: Victoria Alexander
ISBN: 0060593199
Publisher: Avon Books/2005
Pages: 371

In a masked ball, Pamela seduces Alexie, Prince of Avalonia. After a night of passion, she disappears from his life. A few years later, their path cross again. Pamela recognises him instantly but Alexie, although knowing she seems so familiar, is unable to place her. As both land of living in the same house, the only solution is to go for an false engagement. None is ready for it but there isn't any other choice. By this time the prince has lost his kingdom. In her heart, Pamela wishes for permancy with him, but Alexie has not much to offer.

Like any other romance, the lovers are star-crossed many a times. This book is set in the 1880s and has a few interesting characters. It moves forward in a good pace with wit and humor. Pamela is fiesty and Alexie is dashing. Nothing unusual fpr a romance novel.

Not bad for one time read and to pass it on.