Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And One Rode West by Heather Graham

Title: And One Rode West
Author: Heather Graham
ISBN: 0440211484
Publisher: Dell Books/1992
Pages: 465

This year I have a lot of romances it seems. I have not reviewed all of those. However I thought I would review this.

Christa's fiance has died in the civil war and she is heart broken but her brothers do return to their families. Meanwhile their plantation is under threat of being confisticated by the Tankees, whom Christa hates. But the only way to save it is by marrying one. Union Colonel Jeremy McCautley, who sister is married to one of Christa's brother arrives there to say goodbye to his sister but somehow ends up accepting Christa's proposal of marriage even though both hate each other. He knows both have sold their soul to the devil. Under the circumstances, he tries to get the best out of the bargain. Only problem is, his wilful wife is not ready to bend to his way.

He does make her come west with him although she is not too keen about it. Despite not being able to stand each other, their passion is very palpable. (But that's what is supposed to happen in romances!). The second half is about the journey and interesting. We see the bonds between Christa and her brothers Jesse and Daniel. Jeremy too is much attached to his sister Callie, who is married to Daniel.

Good for those who like romances. It has all the ingredients of it. However, I think I will give romance novels a rest. I have had my fill of those.