Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Sherbrooke Twins by Catherine Coulter

Title: The Sherbrooke Twins
Author: Catherine Coulter
ISBN: 0515136549
Publisher: Jove Books/2004
Pages: 358

I received four Catherine Coulter novels along with four other romance novels. My friend must be wishing for me to read her books. I had not heard of her before this. Not tht I have heard of all the authors in this world!

The Sherbrooke Twins is about twenty eight years old twin brothers, James and Jason. As James is older by 28 minutes, he is the heir. He loves astronomy, riding and helps in managing his father’s estate. Jason can swim like a fish and is a philanderer. Corrie is their neighbour and he has known her since she is three years old. She is always dressed disreputably and does not how to be a woman. James' parents along with her Uncle and Aunt decide that Corrie needs a season and his dad Douglas selects the wardrobe her as he cannot trust his wife, Alex or Corrie’s aunt, Maybella to do that. Alex wears plunging necklines and Maybella does not wear anything other than pale blue!

When James first sees Corrie in a gown, he cannot believe she is so beautiful. Meanwhile, Jason comes back home after a visit from the Virgin Ghost that warns him that his parents are in trouble, which proves prophetic when someone shoots their father. James is kidnapped; Corrie bravely saves him from the kidnappers and sickness. As they spend a night together, they have to marry. Jason falls in love with Judith McCrae who he met at the season thrown for Corrie. However, the family remains unsafe, as someone wants Douglas dead. In the end, we see Jason leaving home as he considers all that ensued, is his fault.

Nowhere in the novel, have we seen any kind of chemistry between James and Corrie and then they get married. Their lovemaking seems like incest to me. Their character needed to be developed further. Their parents Douglas and Alexandra have more chemistry going between them. Latter part of the book is mostly about Jason.

The witty dialogues somewhat saves it from facing oblivion. Out of all the four, this was the weakest. Not that I was looking for any intellectual stuff! There are some similarities in all those, which I will sum up with my review of the last novel.