Friday, October 19, 2007

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Author: Roald Dahl
ISBN: 0-141-31990-9
Publisher: Puffin/2005
First published: 1964
Genre: Children’s Fiction (9-12)

Another book I re-read for my nephew. This book is a pure classic of imagination, magic and fantasy, telling the story from Charlie Bucket's point of view. Charlie, who lives with his four very old grandparents and his mother in a one-room house, can only dream about his future, since his family has barely enough money to survive. He is so poor he gets only one chocolate bar a year, a combined present from his parents and grandparents. To make matters worse, he lives in the same town as Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory.

One day, Willy Wonka announces that he will open his factory to five lucky kids. The rest of the tale is one of scrumptious folly and nerve-wracking sentiment, highlighted by magical workers (the one and only Oompa Loompas), the ethereal Willy Wonka, a host of loony characters, adults and kids, and a thrill ride in a factory where time stands still and also rocks forwards, backwards, sideways and then some!

The main characters of this book are, Charlie who is a very bright boy, Grandpa Joe, a well caring Grandpa and wishes they could give Charlie more in life, and Willy Wonka, the chocolate factory owner. He is hilarious, creative, and somewhat crazy.

The setting of the whole book is the chocolate factory. One can smell the chocolate being made. It is the only factory in the world that has a chocolate waterfall. All of the other candy factories are always jealous and they always try to steal the formulas.

The title gives away any suspense the first part might have, whether he will get a ticket or not. Roald Dahl let his imagination soar when writing this book. It is a classic tale of the triumph of good over evil, generosity over greed and family over fair-weathered friends. The result is a fun tale sure to entertain kids of all ages.