Friday, August 31, 2007

Outlaw by Lisa Jackson

Title: Outlaw
Author: Lisa Jackson
ISBN: 1416517235
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group/1995
Pages: 359
*Update: St in Wales in 1295-97

"Outlaw" is a stirring historical romance that absorbing with its evocative prose, and has an eternal feel to it.

Wolf is an outlaw. Years earlier, his future was brutally stolen from him as the woman he loved was raped and she killed herself. He vows never to love again and to achieve his revenge at any cost. He plans that for very long. When his enemy, Holt marries he puts his plan into motion. He kidnaps the lovely Megan of Dwyrain after the wedding is conducted while the feast is going on.

On the other hand, Megan wants nothing to do with her marriage to Holt. Her life has been a tragedy since her run in with a sorcerer's prediction. Sadly her wedding day arrives and she is wed to a man she detests. Unknown to her she is about to be captured in more ways then one. She tries to hate Wolf for what he is done but she cannot deny the attraction that burns between them. Wolf is too honourable for an outlaw. Megan is married but she is falling in love with her captor.

Megan and Wolf are strong and complex characters and their relationship is not an easy one. The chemistry between them is very sizzling so the reader will feel truly connected. This is written in such way that is neither trite nor predictable. It has twists and turns which give the romance a life.

This novel shows that a woman who is considered weak can grow in strength to save the one she loves and for what she thinks is right. Holt is portrayed as evil. Father Timothy, who had supported him, finally realises his folly and helps Cayley, Megan’s sister, to escape. There are a few gang members of Wolf’s who are very brave and valiant and are ever ready to lay their lives rather than betray their leader.

Not bad for an occasional romantic read! One of my in between reads!