Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paper Rose by Diana Palmer

Title: Paper Rose
Author: Diana Palmer
ISBN: 9780373770212
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback/1999
Pages: 379

Diana Palmer is one romance writer I really like. Her novels do follow some sort of story with twists and turns. As I am in the midst of evaluating answersheets, I thought this light read made a good change.

Tate Winthrope saves Cecily Peterson from her abusive stepfather after her mother passes away. He helps her to get out of town, to college and on the road to her dreams. All this is more than enough for Cecily to fall in love with her. Although he does not show it, Tate too has feelings for Cecily but feels that he must marry within his tribe to keep pure Native American bloodlines alive. Then a scandal erupts which changes Tate's life and Cecily knows that she will go to any extreme to help him.

With many twists and turns, this book does manage to hold interest. I expecially liked the character of Colby, a undercover agent and friend of both Tate and Cecily. Leta, Tate's mother and Senator Holden are other characters who too are very endearing.

At point I felt, Cecily should marry Colby, who is good for her! I learnt quite a bit about the Native American culture. However, the book did feel a bit longer towards the end. It could have done with a bit of editing!