Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

The Day I laid Robert Morgan to rest was remarkable for two reasons. First, even though it was August, the sky overhead was as rough and cold as January lake; and second, it was the day I started to shrink.

Title: Little Giant of Aberdeen County
Author: Tiffany Baker
ISBN: 9780446194204
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing/2009
Pages: 341

It is a novel about Truly Plaice who is of enormous proportions. It is assumed that her mother died giving birth to this giant of a child. Her elder sister Serena Jane is petite and beautiful. Their father does not know how to care for his daughters. Truly outgrows all her clothes and hence is made to wear men's clothing.

When their father dies, both the sisters get separated. Serena Jane is taken by a well known family and Truly paced in the care of a family who is looked down upon by the villagers.

When Serena marries Bob Bob Morgan, Truly is left behind and forgotten. But fate has something else in store for her. Bob Morgan turns to Truly when Serena disappears from his life. There she finds something which changes her life to a great extent. She gets hold of the Shadow book of All cures written by Tabitha, the witch-wife of the very first doctor of Aberdeen. How that knowledge changes her destiny and all those who are close to her?

Truly finds her place in the village, her size does not bother her anymore and she finds love despite her size. Truly lives her life with dignity, is very lovable and has that wit about her which is very sweet. This book has a happy ending, almost magical..