Friday, March 20, 2009

Dream Country by Luanne Rice

Title: Dream Country
Author: Luanne Rice
ISBN: 055358264X
Publisher: Bantam Books/2001
Pages: 504

One of my friends insisted I read this novel, which she said was not only a romance. I was not to keen to read 500 odd pages of a romance novel. However, the premise interested me and I breezed through it.

Daisy Tucker's teenage daughter Sage, runs away from their home in Connecticut. Daisy is frantic with worry as she had already lost her son, twin to Sage, at the age of three. That incident had broken her spirit, and had culminated in her leaving her husband James Tucker, in Wyoming. Daisy has made a life for herself and Sage by designing personal pieces of Jeweller.

Sage is sixteen now but she still misses her twin. She feels incomplete without him. She leaves her mother to go to her Father in Wyoming, where she thinks she can find some peace. She takes train rides, hitchhikes and meets David, who somehow just turns up from nowhere to help her reach her destination. Sage feels a strange affinity with him. Meanwhile, Daisy is forced to go to Wyoming to wait for Sage daughter to arrive safely.

In the aftermath of the tragedy of losing Jake, Daisy and James had never grieved together. Suddenly they are forced to face each other again, and the old wounds come to the surface. Both are affected by it and wait for Sage to come home. When she finally arrives, they get much more than than they hoped for, wished for...

Dream Country is a homecoming for all the characters involved, in one way or the other. I liked Sage's thoughts about her twin, the way she feels half a soul without him. Her relationship with David, who despite being a stranger seems like someone she has known all her life. Dream Country is an easy read. All those romance readers can safely read it.