Friday, March 13, 2009

Disco of the departed by Colin Cotterill

Title: Disco of the Departed
Author: Colin Cotterill
ISBN: 9781569474648
Publisher: Soho Press/2006
Pages: 247

This is the third book in a series, that is featuring Dr. Siri, but it does hold on its own. Dr Siri, is 73 years old coroner of Laos. He has the gift of a Shaman, which helps him in moments of crisis. Here he is called upon to solve a murder in the mountains of Huaphan Province in Vietnam. He has to find out about a corpse who arm is protruding from the concrete walkway. Now this walkway is situated between the president's previous hideout and his new mansion.

Dr. Siri along with his assistant in the form of Dtui, has to find out what led to the murder of that unknown corpse. He unravels political plots, mysterious beings and he can also hear and watch disco of the spirits. Dr. Siri, infact does participate in one such dance. He has to decipher the meaning of all this and more.

Initially the book was slow. But it did pick up speed after halfway through. The idea might seem a bit far-fetched but being an Indian, this talk about spirits, supernatural powers made a lot of sense to me. I liked that simpleton Geung very much. He was what kept me going to the finish., not to forget wry humour in here. Also the politics and culture of the place added to my reading.

I wouldn't call it a fast paced mystery but it does have its moments.