Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Riley in the Morning by Sandra Brown

Title: Riley in the Morning
Author: Sandra Brown
ISBN: 0553104144
Publisher: Bantam/1985
Pages: 193/Hardcover

Riley gatecrashes at a party being thrown by his enstranged wife, Brin Cassidy. Riley is the host of the TV programme, Riley in the Morning and Brin, its producer. And she had thrown that party for Abel Winn, who owns another powerful network and wants Brin as its producer.

In that party, as the bartender has not come, Riley ends up being one, all the time watching Abel making a play for Brin. In the end, Riley refuses to leave and stays the night there in the guest room. He wants to know why Brin walked out on him seven month ago after fifteen months of marriage.

It turns out to be a night of remembering the past. They end up reliving it. The story goes back and forth. In the process Riley injures his right hand and he has to get it stitched. The bantering between the two is good but the reason for Brin leaving Riley seems trivial. Infact as soon as I get to know it, the novel holds no interest. At least for me.

Sandra Brown can write good love scenes. That is one highlight in this. At one time I felt, there is too much of it. I think I will stay away from Brown for a while. For her die hard fans, I would say pick it up. Who knows, you might like it.