Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day of Wrath by Larry Bond

Title: Day of Wrath
Author: Larry Bond
ISBN: 0446516775
Publisher: Warner Books/1998
Pages: 481/Hardcover
Genre: Techno Thriller

After a long time, I picked up a techno thriller. One reason being it was very cheap and from the back cover I found it interesting. I had not read books by Larry Bond before and not likely to pick him again in hurry either. It was a good change after all those heavy reading I have been doing lately.

It deals with terrorism with the help of modern warfare. Ibrahim, a Saudi Prince pumps money for such purposes. On the cover of a company, known as Caraco, he manages to buy people to work for him and is very influential with the current administration in the White House. He financially supports various factions of terrorism.

A Russian cargo jet, with U.S. officials onboard, crashes in northern Russia . Following clues to why the plane crashed , Thorn and Gray pursue Germans into parts of northern Russia, with the help of a Russian MVD officer. They get into trouble with Russian locals when the MVD officer is killed in an ambush. Finally they zero in to Nuke smuggling into US.

They have a hunch that, jet engines are being used to smuggle nuclear weapons to the U.S. Disobeying orders from their government, Thorn and Gray pursue the leads to the U.S. and get help from a retired General Farrell. With the German and Arabic terrorists after them as well as their own government, Thorn and Gray manage to elude them and get to the heart of the problem, before Ibrahim can unleash twenty 150 Megaton nuclear bombs on the U.S., almost destroying parts of it.

It does have a grain of truth, can be plausible to some extent. Bond's knowledge of weapons is well researched. However, it does tend to get slow at times. The romantic element does nothing for the story. For one time read and then forget it. It was not a bad change from my usual readfing. Pick it up if you like warfare thrillers. You can always skip the slow bits. The way I did.