Saturday, June 28, 2008

Perfect ..On Paper by Maria Murnane

Title: Perfect ..On Paper
Author: Maria Murnane
ISBN: 9780980042504
Publisher: Wink's ink/2008
Pages: 314

As I had seen this book being discussed in the the net world, I asked for it from Maria Murnane to read and review and she was kind enough to send to me.

For a lazy summer day, it makes one good read. It is racy, fast paced and keeps our interest alive till the end. The best part is most of us can relate to the story.

Waverly is ditched by her fiance at the last minute. She mops about it for a long time. Her two best friends try to make her come out of it but they do not make any progress. However, they are not one to give up. She meets someone one while she has gone on a exhibition of some sort. Although they do click, somehow she is always tongue tied in their subsequent meetings.

After her fiance had ditched her, Waverly had started making Honey notes. How do they help her? To find out, one has to read the book. With humour, friendship and heart break this book takes on the search for perfect happiness. Does it exist? Well amost. And on paper!

This is a fun read and I enjoyed reading it. It is kind of diffrent from what I usually read. A good change from all those difficult and heavy reads. A perfect book for an easy read! For a first time writer, Maria has done a good job.