Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Double Take by Brenda Joyce

Title: Double Take
Author: Brenda Joyce
ISBN: 0312991452

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks/2003

Pages: 376

When her estranged twin sister Lana, asks Kait to take her place at her home for two days, in the Horse country of Virginia, Kait agrees without thinking. After all, they had done this so many times when they were younger. Lana never told anyone that he is married and has a four-year old daughter, Marnie. Hence, the deception is not as easy as it initially seems.

Kait is amazed to know Lana has married Trev Coleman. Kait had been on the verge of interviewing him a few years back and he had stood her up. When she arrives at Lana’s place, she finds that her twin has too many dark secrets and too many enemies, including her husband.
No one in Three Falls really likes Lana. It seems everyone hates her with a passion. Within minutes of walking through the doors, Trev hands her divorce papers. Kait has been thrown into a nightmare. Things got worse when Kait falls in love with her sister's husband and someone is trying to kill her.

Double take keeps the interest alive until the end. Lana’s true character is slowly revealed to Kait. The strong current of attraction between Kait and Trev is palpable. Will Kait survive the few days she is asked to take Lana's place? Will Lana come back in time to fix what is wrong and save her twin that she had not ever been close to and for once keep a promise to her? Will Kait succumb to the temptation of Lana's gorgeous husband? These thoughts and others run wild in the head as one delves into their dangerous world of deception and forbidden wants. Kait soon realizes her sister is someone entirely different from the sex kitten she grew up with and is multi-faceted. The point is, will Kait keep up and succeed in pretending to be this woman?

Brenda Joyce provides the audience with a terse romantic suspense that is filled with twists and keeps the tension at high levels throughout the tale. The intention of Lana's deception gives both readers and Kait a charade to solve and the growing suspense intensifies the twists and tension of the tale. A deadly game that could get them both in serious trouble and more enemies than Kait can handle make this book worth keeping. In romances, I really like reading Brenda Joyce.