Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Ryan's Return by Barbara Freethy

"Maybe I just want to know you again," Ryan said finally. "You're my father. I'm your son. It seems as if we should be closer than we are."

Title: Ryan's Return
Author: Barbara Freethy
ISBN: 978-0380785315
Publisher: Avon/2006
Pages: 374

It is return of the prodigal son to Serenity Spring. A famous photo-journalist now, Ryan Hunter is invited for the Centennial Celebration. He had left behind his father and a brother he had betrayed. Now when he returns, he finds his father still the same, his brother who detests him and a young boy who looks like him.

With no love lost between them, Ryan knows he has to somehow face his past if he wants to moves in present and future. His father,who never stopped loving him, that young daughter of Kara has so much faith on him. So he just can't leave it all behind.

The interaction between father and son, between the two brothers and that of the young girl with Ryan and also a love affair of Andrew, his brother. These all make the book very readable. It is in no way a heavy book, but it does make us sad at many levels. It has those comic moments, especially when the two brothers are locked up in jail. 

I found this novel utterly sweet and extremely readable. The romance element is sweet and doesn't take over the story. That is how it should be, in a novel that speaks of family relations.

You can download the kindle edition for FREE here!


Sandy Nachlinger said...

Thanks for the terrific teaser, as well as the link to a free copy on Amazon. I just ordered it.
My teaser is here: Teaser Tuesday

Beth said...

Interesting teaser! My teaser comes from the latest book in the Irish Country Novel Series.

fredamans said...

I feel that teaser unlike no other, having my own daddy issues before he passed away.
Sad teaser but I bet it's a quality read.

Tribute Books Mama said...

A great teaser, sounds like a good read.


Nise' said...

I have not read Barbara Freethy in years. Glad you enjoyed the book and thanks for the free heads up.

Faye said...

It's so satisfying to read this kind of fiction sometimes--just honest stories about family relations. This is a new attitude for me--used to think that everything I read had to high literature. Not so.

With that in mind, my teaser for this week is a Spencer Quinn mystery about a detective team made up of a dog and his owner who solve crimes. Summit Musings

Anonymous said...

I know I've read this author in the past and really enjoyed her. I'll have to read more.