Friday, July 1, 2011

Best crime fiction titles read in 2011

Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise asks "What are the best crime fiction titles you've read in 2011?"

I am in a very slow reading mode. And somehow can't get out of it despite trying my best. I have read only 33 books. A total shame. Out of that, some are kinda easy reads. and can be called trash!

Well, here I go, listing only five:

1) Borderlands by Brian McGilloway
2) Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek
3) Out At Night by Susan Arnout Smith
4) Blood Over Badge by Wayne Farquhar 
5) Blood of My Brother by John LePore 
6) The Nesting Dolls by Gail Bowen 


Donna said...

I haven't read any of these books yet and I always need more to add to my list!

Marce said...

I agree with Blood over Badge, that was on my list also.

I have Therapy on my Wishlist.

I didn't enjoy Blood of My Brother, didn't complete it.

Anonymous said...

Your reviews have already had me adding most of these to my wish list!